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Accessories and Analytical Equipment

Equally extensive as our product portfolio is also the variety of accessories for our test equipment. From housing via diagnostic equipment through to special constructions like tilt units, various solutions are possible.

TrueData spans a range of innovative diagnostic equipment, particularly developed for the characterization of test equipment. The centerpiece is the impedance spectrum analyzer. In combination with the electronic load modules TrueData-LOAD, efficient electrochemical diagnostic equipment can be realized. Moreover, additional options, like multi-channel adapters, a cyclic voltammetry mode or a multi-quadrant operation is integrable.

With our products belonging to the TrueXessory series, we provide in addition sophisticated test equipment, which is particularly customized for the ambitious test requirements of special constructions or cases of application. Hence, along with the Evaluator test systems, top-performing tools for characterization, model building and optimization are on hand.

Test Equipment


Cyclic Voltammetry

TrueData-CYV Controller to allow cyclic Voltammetry Experiments

Single Cell Voltage Measurement

SMART-CVM for multi-Channel Voltage Monitoring of Fuel Cell Stacks and Batteries

Electronic Loads


Modular electronic Load, air or water cooled, scalable from 600 W up to 150 kW

Close-up of several TrueData-LOAD
TrueData X-HVT

Modular, capable Load with grid feedback, air or water cooled, scalable from 20 kW up to 1,000 kW

TrueData X-HVT

Customized Interfaces

Measuring Gallow

Connection Box for the Transfer of customer-specific Measuring Points at the test station, swivel-mounted through a gallow

Measuring Gallow
Measuring Box

Connection Box for the Transfer of customer-specific Measuring Points at the test station, mobile through roles

Detailed View on a Measuring Box

Housings and Fixings


Fully ceramic Cell Housing for non-destructive Testing of SOFC Single Cells up to 4 x 4 cm² of active Cell Surface

Apposition of TrueXessory-HT Modules for SOFC MEAs

Customer-specific Solutions

Tilt Unit

Customized Solution for the Simulation of Driving Cycles and Behavior of environmental Influences

Tilt Unit is a customized Solution for the Simulation of driving Cycles and Behavior of Environmental Influences
Stack Emulator

Customized Solution for the Emulation of a Fuel Cell System

Stack emulator is a customized solution for the emulation of a fuel cell system