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Battery Emulation

Besides testing and characterization of batteries, the emulation of electric systems is getting more and more important. For the purpose of optimization, validation and evaluation of components and applications through reliable and flexible battery simulation HORIBA FuelCon has developed the TrueData X-HVE.

TrueData X-HVE simulates the real behavior of

  • Batteries, battery modules, battery packs and systems
  • Fuel cells, fuel cell stacks and systems
  • High-voltage wiring systems in vehicles
  • 48 V wiring systems in vehicles
  • Energy grids

With a single unit voltages up to 1,000 V, currents up to 1,200 A, and outputs up to 600 kW can be covered. Parallel alignment enables higher currents and power. The stored simulation models allow the emulation of real batteries. Furthermore, own, discrete-time, continuous-time or hybrid Simulink and Stateflow models can be processed. Due to the modular design, the TrueData X-HVE may be individually customized and configured for your testing requirements. It is ideally suited for the testing and evaluation of charging devices, inverters and battery management systems (BMS).

Currents up to ±800 A are possible for the simulation of starter behaviors and start-stop scenarios. Higher currents and performances are also achievable due to parallel connection. In addition to constant modes of power, voltage, resistors and performance, it is even possible to set switching conditions and alarm boundaries.

The deposited simulation models permit the emulation of:

  • Batteries, battery modules, battery packs and battery systems
  • Fuel cells, fuel cell stacks and fuel cell systems
  • 48 V on-board power supplies in vehicles

Individualized, time-discrete, time-continuous or hybrid simulink and state flow models can also be processed. 

TrueData X-HVE is convincing as customized solution for individual testing and come along with:

  • State-of-the-art IGBT technology with extremely low noise level
  • Parameterised standard and user-specific battery models
  • Excellent safety characteristics for performance level "d"
  • Parameterised control loop architecture for the adjustment to different testing requirements
  • Excellent measurement precision and reproducibility
  • Settling time (t90) lower than 0.3 ms to show highly dynamic effects
  • Efficient automation interfaces, including direct control unit communication and HiL interface
  • Manual interaction possibilities with modern touch interface
  • Flexible installation concepts

For further detailed information please read our technical data sheets for accessory TrueData that are available at our download area. Or just give us a call! We will be happy to discuss your requirements.