Mobile Test System for Batteries
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Battery Testing Systems

HORIBA FuelCon, as experienced manufacturer of automated testing and assembling systems, provides with the Evaluator B a system fulfilling the challenging testing requirements of modern batteries and energy management systems with high accuracy and flexibility.

With the Evaluator B product series we offer battery test equipment for typical industrial applications, e.g. power plant technology, USV, telecommunications, renewable energies, trains or industrial trucks as well as solutions for the challenging testing requirements in the fields of electromobility, hybrid vehicles and traction.

For a sustainable development in automotive applications HORIBA FuelCon provides the product solution TrueData X-HVE that are specially designed for the emulation of batteries or 48 V on-board power supplies.

Our battery test stations enable the comparison, evaluation and optimization of battery cells and systems as well as the simulation of various requirements depending of your applications.

Besides single or multi-channel charge/discharge units, a typical test configuration contains test chambers, thermal concepts as well as integrated safety features for ensuring unattended long-term tests.
Each test solution can be extended with further components, depending on the specific application:

  • Research and development
  • Production optimization
  • Product validation
  • Quality control in production lines
  • EOL (End-of-Line) test
  • Quality management
  • Turn-key test fields

In addition to our test equipment, we provide extensive accessories for optimal testing support. Those cover simple housings, diagnostic devices or the integration of customer-specific interfaces.