Picture of HyFQ-2000 Series

HyFQ-2000 Series

Solutions for Hydrogen or CNG Fuel Flow Measurement

The HyFQ-2000 fuel flow measurement series precisely measures the hydrogen or CNG consumption of either H2/CNG internal combustion engines or fuel cell vehicles up to 500 kW. Low and high-pressure configurations are available to cover a wide range of different applications. The Coriolis measurement technology is suitable for hydrogen or (optionally) compressed natural gas (CNG) applications allowing real-time fuel flow measurements with an outstanding accuracy even in highly dynamic test cycles. HORIBA´s HyFQ-2000 series is a powerful tool for a wide variety of different testing applications including vehicle certification, engine mapping and performance testing as well as climatic and emission evaluations.

System Layout of our Fuel Flow Meter HighFQ-2000 Series
System Layout of the HyFQ-2000 Series


• Safe and automated purge functionality
• Automated pressure test function
• Precise measurement for wide flow range
• Fast and automated verification of measurement results
• Standard interfaces for easy automation integration
• Operation without switching measurement range
• Continuous evaluation of statistical characteristics

Reliable Flow Measurement for R&D Applications and Vehicle Certification

The shift of automotive technologies from internal combustion engine (ICE) to electrified powertrain solutions brings major challenges to the industry. Existing testing facilities need upgrades to fulfill basic requirements for the development of future driveline technologies based on hydrogen as the primary energy source. HORIBA’s HyFQ-2000 series enable test facilities to expand their capabilities with precise and reliable fuel flow measurement for hydrogen and optional CNG. As the design is optimized for a small footprint, retrofits of pre-existing ICE test cabinets are possible. This saves money and provides a quick and efficient solution to respond to a drastically changing and developing market.


Low Pressure

High Pressure

Power250 kW500 kW250 kW500 kW
Operating Rangeup to 20 kg/hup to 40 kg/hup to 20 kg/hup to 40 kg/h
Basement Accuracy Mass Flow Sensor≤ 0.35 %MV≤ 0.5 %MV
Zero Point Stability0.005 kg/h0.01 kg/h0.005 kg/h
Fuel Inlet Pressure40 bar400 bar
Fuel Outlet to Engine Pressureup to 25 barup to 350 bar


For further detailed information please read our technical product data sheet. Or just give us a call! We will be happy to discuss your requirements.

For the measurement of different fuel types, such as diesel, gasoline, ethanol and e-fuels, HORIBA offers precise systems of the FQ series.  For more information, please visit www.horiba.com.