We make it work.

From the various projects we have realized over the last years, we gained detailed applied knowledge and considerable engineering competence. With this extensive experience, combined with the open architecture design of our products and dedication to customer service, we are able to respond to our customer’s most challenging requirements.

Our product range includes test systems for:

  • Fuel cells
  • Electrolysers
  • Batteries
  • The electrified drive train and his compenents

All of our test stations can be operated completely automatically and unattended. The software TestWork ensures trouble-free, comfortable and secure operation. Our test systems include a computer independent real time automation system. Another important aspect is the sophisticated security system that occurring hazard potentials (including pressure, temperature, flammable or toxic gases, high voltages) manage at all times.

Because of our engineering expertise we have always the total solution in view and also take care of the peripheral challenges such as the connection to the existing infrastructure and safety structure, layout planning or the media supply.

HORIBA FuelCon's project coordination works just like the holistic engineering and integration of test equipment on customer's side. All specialized units are located at HORIBA FuelCon headquarters in Barleben which enables short communication channels as well as efficient coordination. On a assembly area of more than 2,000 m² the manufacturing works simultaneous in standardized processes on numerous stations. This enables a methodical assembly process.