SMART-CVM Single Cell Voltage Monitoring

The cell voltage monitoring enables the multi-channel voltage monitoring of fuel cell stacks and batteries. Therefore, HORIBA FuelCon uses a CVM from SMART Testsolutions.

Due to to the position near to the test item, the galvanic isolation, digital signal pre-processing, cascading as well as the CAN and TCP/IP interface, allow the SMART-CVM meet all typical test requirements. In addition, it can be used separately as a diagnostic tool for fuel cell systems.

TypeSMART Testsolutions
Type: MCM-IntelliProbe-U10
Number of cellscustomized, 2,790 cells possible
Voltage range-1 V to +5 V or -3 V to +3 V
Resolution16 Bit
Accuracy±0.1 %
Sampling rate<100 ms
(up to 1 ms per channel on request)

further detailed information please refer to product sites of SMART Testsolutions.

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