Stack Emulator for Developing and Validating Components

The development and establishment of vehicles powered by fuel cells carries eclectic new challenges with it, arising during daily work on a fuel cell system. It is for instance necessary to check single components or even whole functional groups for specific functions, before they are integrated into a fuel cell system. HORIBA FuelCon offers therefor the opportunity, thanks to a stack emulator, to emulate a fuel cell stack in order to avoid consequential damages to valuable stacks.

The stack emulator is particularly suitable for the emulation of thermal heat loss of a real fuel cell stack, to validate the behavior of the cooling circuit and, if necessary, undertake adjustments. Due to the emulation of physical, chemical, as well as electrical behavior, a validation under realistic conditions can be made, without having to fear damages on the actual fuel cell system through misbehavior. Furthermore, important components of a finished system can be developed and tested for the maturity phase in this way.

HORIBA FuelCon manufactures customer-specific stack emulators, so that they can be realized for diverse performance classes. The execution is possible in a mobile way, which results in a variable handling of the device.

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