TrueData-EIS Impedance spectroscopy analyzer

TrueData-EIS electrochemical impedance spectrometer is a high-capacity diagnostic tool to determine the impedance of fuel cells, membranes, MEAs, single cells, stacks, batteries and super capacitors. It uses a non-invasive method and allows the characterization of components during operation under different load conditions. The test item is stimulated with a small sinusoidal signal. The resulting signal response is measured with magnitude of impedance and phase over a larger frequency range.

The TrueData-EIS impedance analyzer is based on the single-sine-method and enables, together with the used 32 bit  processor technology, high precision and an easy integration in automated test systems for fuel cells and batteries. Typically, the TrueData-EIS is applied together with the electronic load TrueData-LOAD. In addition, the TrueData-EIS is compatible with various other electronic loads, potentiostats and galvanostats.

The FuelCon TrueData-EIS allows impedance spectrums in a frequency range, which is particularyly interesting for the fuel cell development and manufactoring: from 200 µHz up to 100 kHz with a maximum DC current of 1,000 A. The complex circuitry design and sophisticated calibration performance ensure high reproducibility of measured data within the typically very low impedance values of fuel cells. A display with four keys allows a comfortable operation of the device.

Its optimum performance is achieved when using the TrueData-EIS combined with the FuelCon Evaluator test station and the software TestWork. While measuring, the test results are displayed as a frequency response diagram or Nyquist diagram.  At the same time, the parameters of fuel cell operation are specified on-line. This allows the fully automated recording of the impedance spectrum under different, reproducibly adjusted operating points for single cells, short stacks and complete cell stacks.  Therefore it is ideal for material screening.

The optional Multiplex-Module TrueData-MUX enables the easy and cost-optimized realization of multi-channel measurement. The TrueData-MUX is available with 12, 24 and 36 channels.

Data of TrueData-EIS

Display views

Multichannel-Impedance measurement TrueData-MUX

Limitations of Current Interrupt (CI) Method Compared with Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy (EIS)

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