Quality Assurance within the Production

The End-of-line test station is located at the end of the battery assembly and it permits checking of quality-relevant parameters. The scope of testing includes pressure and leak tests, insulation test and voltage proof, various performance tests as well as testing and integration of the battery management system (BMS), including the final classification or good/bad decision.

With the product range Evaluator-EOL, HORIBA FuelCon offers different testing systems for quality assurance within the battery production. These systems are used for example as cell testers for inspection of delivered cells immediately prior to the cell assembly into the battery housing. Likewise, the complete functional test of the battery, including a test of typical performance parameters at the end of the production process is possible.

For the testing requirements in battery production HORIBA FuelCon offers customer specific solutions for the following applications:     

- End-of-Line test
- Quality control in production lines
- Integration of additional components for product validation
- Formation

For further detailed information please read our product description "Evaluator End-of-Line" or our technical data sheet for EOL that are available at our download area.

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