Fuel cell testing of PEM stacks

With the Evaluator S5-LT, S25-LT, S100-LT and S200-LT we meet the specific fuel cell test requirements of PEM stacks for mobile or stationary applications (engine, APU, CHP) up to 250+ kW fuel cell power.

For qualifying PEM fuel cell engines for automotive use, our testing equipment allows through integrated environmental chambers and cryostatic cycles the validation under simulated environmental conditions, including temperatures down to -40 °C and up to 80 °C. Thus, information for optimizing the critical freeze start or hot shut down behaviour can be obtained.

We offer:

- Power range up to 250+ kW
- Temperature range up to 130 °C
- Fully automated, unattended operation
- Simulation of different reformer gas characteristics
- Flexible thermal and electrical load management
- Precise back pressure control
- Dynamic temperature and pressure management
- Several stationary and dynamic humidification technologies
- PLC controlled with multi-level alarm management
- Fast data logging up to 1 ms for various sensor signals
- Integrated impedance spectroscopy (option)

Fuel cell test itemPEM stacks
Powerup to 10 kWup to 50 kWup to 150 kW150+ kW
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further detailed information please also read our product description “Evaluator-LT” or our technical data sheets, that are available at our download area.

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