Fuel cell testing of SOFC components and single cells

Evaluator C50-HT SOFC fuel cell test station is ideal to characterize high temperature components such as ceramic membranes, electrodes, sealing or catalyser but also provides fuel cell testing of complete SOFC single cells with an active area of max. 4 x 4 cm². Equipped with the TrueXessory-HT seal-less cell housing made of precise, surface-ground ceramic components, the testing system allows the reproducible fuel cell test of SOFC MEAs.

The Evaluator C1000-HT enables the SOFC fuel cell testing of cells with larger active cell areas within a power range up to 2,000 W and currents up to 1,000 A.

Both fuel cell testing systems are equipped with a clam shall furnace.

We offer:

- Power range between 1 W up to 2,000 W
- Temperature range up to 1,100 °C
- Fully automated, unattended operation
- Simulation of any fuel gas scenario
- Dynamic temperature and pressure management
- PLC controlled with multi-level alarm management
- Integrated impedance spectroscopy (option)
- Reformate simulation (Option)
- Direct injection humidifier for 100 % steam (Option)
- TrueXessory-HT cell fixtures and housings (Option)
- Reverse mode (electrolysis) load operation (Option)
- Compression load control (Option)
- Embedded leakage test (Option)- UPS (Option)

Fuel cell test itemSOEC and SOFC components, single cells, short stacks
Powerup to 300 Wup to 2,000 W / 1,000 A
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further detailed information please read our product description "Evaluator-HT" or our technical data sheets, that are available at our download area.

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