Fuel cell testing of SOFC stacks and hot box systems

For the evaluation and optimization of SOFC stacks or hot boxes with power range up to 25 kW we provide our fuel cell test stations Evaluator S5-HT and S25-HT.

top hat furnaces ensure operating temperatures up to 1,100 °C. Integrated air and fuel gas pre-heaters provide an optimal and reproducible simulation of the thermal system environment of the tested SOFC stack.

Through sophisticated process engineering the testing systems enable also realistic fuel cell tests of SOFC stacks based on the hot box concept and therefore provide the necessary information for the close-to-production development of hot box systems.

We offer:

  • Power range up to 25 kW
  • Temperature range up to 1,100 °C
  • Fully automated, unattended operation
  • Simulation of high-dynamic thermal cycles
  • Flexible thermal and electrical load management
  • Precise back pressure control
  • Simulation of any fuel gas scenario
  • Dynamic temperature and pressure management
  • Integrated impedance spectroscopy (option)




Fuel cell test item

SOFC stacks and hot boxes


up to 10 kW

up to 25 kW



Data Sheet





For further detailed information please read our product description “Evaluator-HT” or our technical data sheets, that are available at our
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