Collecting and evaluating obtained test data is the target of any test run. In order that preferably well-founded conclusions can be drawn, for the most part the collected amount of data is highly extensive. This results in very high requirements regarding the hardware installed in the test station since test runs are to be realized in a reliable, fail-safe and primarily highly dynamic way.

HORIBA FuelCon already takes into account these challenges in the conception of each test station and solely relies on hardware acting absolutely trustworthy. Here, we particularly focus on the implementation of our TrueData Controllers that perfectly support all functionalities of TestWork software and that are real-time capable. This way, in the interaction of hardware and software, optimum results for your test requirements arise—for example to be able to display highly dynamic test runs or else extensive long-term tests in a reliable and safe way.

Depending on your test station equipment, various controllers with different functionalities are used communicating with each other in real time, recording self-sufficient data, supervising limit values and working absolutely fail-safe. Mentioned below, you will find an overview of our most important controllers:

  • TrueData-LOAD Controller
  • TrueData-PLC Controller (controller for real-time communication with the PLC)
  • TrueData-EIS (Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy)
  • TrueData-Gateway Controller CAN (gateway for CAN)
  • TrueData-Gateway Controller BMS (gateway for battery management systems)
  • TrueData-Gateway Controller CVM (gateway for cell voltage measurement)
TrueData Controller