Our automation TestWork is especially characterized by the eponymous operating software. By means of the high-performance automation software TestWork, not only our Evaluator test stations but also entire test fields can be controlled and operated. The graphical interface was developed together with users and takes into consideration the latest findings in the field of software ergonomics. The intuitive operation is in the foreground—independent from the specialist field of the respective operator.

The complexity or extent of a test run to be realized is thus insignificant to test station operators—the preparation, execution and evaluation in TestWork is always designed in a straightforward and clear way. The execution can be carried out manually as well as in a partly automated and fully automated way. The seamless interaction between automation software and TrueData Controllers ensures optimum results for complex and ambitious test scenarios.

In terms of steady development, we rely on a close communication with users and experts. Furthermore, the consistent dialog with our customers ensures that we can optimally attend to the requirements and requests of daily practical application and thus create additional value for the application. Within a software version, we even support you with free updates so that you always benefit from our developments.

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