Controller der Echtzeitebene

Real-Time Level

The real-time level ensures sampling sensor values and actuator values with consistent intervals in the range of several minutes up to a minimum of 1 ms. All devices of this level work independently from the Windows level. Real-time level devices are:

  • TrueData-LOAD Controller
  • TrueData-PLC Controller (controller for real-time communication with the PLC)
  • TrueData-EIS (Electrochemical Impedance Spectroscopy)
  • TrueData-Gateway Controller CAN (gateway for CAN)
  • TrueData-Gateway Controller BMS (gateway for battery management systems)
  • TrueData-Gateway Controller CVM (gateway for cell voltage measurement)

All measurands and process parameters (tags) of this level receive a timestamp with an accuracy of
1 ms. The data exchange with the Windows level is carried out through a default Ethernet interface. TrueData real-time controllers additionally dispose of local data logging capacities in order to compensate malfunctions of the Ethernet network. For short reaction requirements in the milliseconds range, TrueData Controllers can communicate with each other through a real-time protocol (TDX).