Windows Level

The hardware of the Windows level or operator level comprises the process server (TestWork Server with tag engine, script engine and database manager) and the client computer. For this purpose, HORIBA FuelCon uses default hardware components of established manufacturers including worldwide warranty and maintenance options.

For test station operation, our automation software TestWork also runs on the Windows level. In the course of this, test runs can be executed in a manual, partly automated as well as in a fully automated way. If test sequences are to be realized independent from the Windows level in real time, corresponding sequences are to be created and to be loaded to the controller.

The communication within the Windows level takes place via Ethernet with the individual components running on Windows systems. The TestWork process server forms the interface between Windows level and real-time level, which is why especially high-performance and reliable hardware is used here.

In order to still ensure a maximum of data security especially in larger test fields, HORIBA FuelCon offers a number of additional options:

  • Database server
  • Gateway server for secure communication in the customer network
  • Climate-controlled server cabinets
  • Power failure management (IPS)
  • Time server
Data Management