Our TestWork automation software not only is highly effective and extensive but it is especially designed according to the latest software ergonomics. The graphical user interface was developed together with users and is thus oriented towards the requirements of daily use. Furthermore, TestWork is characterized by a clear and logically comprehensible appearance that significantly facilitates intuitive control. For enhanced visualization, TestWork is optimized for visualization on two screens.

Central element of operation is the navigation vertically arranged on the left pane of the main window. The navigation is oriented towards the procedure of a typical test run. The displayed tools can be adjusted specifically to the user. However, they always remain logically grouped in the structure according to the division into Configure, Prepare, Execute and Evaluate. Not used menu items can be hidden within the navigation bar.

In terms of the tools available, TestWork is also oriented towards the procedure of a test run and roughly differentiates tools between Designers (for configuration/preparation) as well as Managers (for execution/evaluation). Due to the extensive settings options, the individual tools can be arranged arbitrarily and configured customer-specifically.

A further component of navigation is the emphasis “Diagnosis” that, amongst others, includes the visualization of the current test station alarm status. Alarms correspond to firmly defined system limits that either indicate a disturbance or initiate defined actions in case of exceeding or falling below the concerned limit. Depending on the alarm status, the navigation bar is either colored blue-gray (no alarm), yellow (Alarm 2) or red (Alarm 3).

TestWork Workflow mit Navigation