The first step in the procedure of a test run is the configuration of the most important parameters. For this purpose, TestWork offers extensive settings options that considerably facilitate the administration as well as the evaluation in the further progression and thus contributes to significant time saving. This is particularly reflected in the test item administration since TestWork creates a test item database through an integrated manager. This way, extensive information needs to be entered only once. Information on the test item type as well as test item-specific parameters can be assigned to each test item whereby all relevant parameters of the database are automatically set during the start of the test run. In the follow-up, test runs can be unambiguously related to and assigned by means of the fixed parameters since test item parameters form part of the export.

For the communication with external devices, TestWork supports all common CAN functionalities that can be clearly administrated in a network manager. This for example enables direct import of DBC files to TestWork whereby CAN signals can be used in the entire automation concept and can be mapped on HORIBA FuelCon tags. Furthermore, the CAN Network Manager also supports visualization, logging as well as export of CAN signals.

Combined with the integrated DBC Designer, CAN configurations are automatically imported to TestWork. Furthermore, these nomenclatures can also be directly transferred to norm tags. Moreover, TestWork supports the transfer of CAN network configurations whereby norm tag sets can be easily transferred to other test stations.

DBC Designer
Test Item Database
CAN Network Manager
Device Manager