Test run execution in TestWork can be carried out in a manual, partly automated and fully automated way. Doing so, the operator has manifold control options optimally adjusting to the test requirements. Extensive long-term tests in particular can be realized easily and safely. Independent from the test run type, the parameters are automatically applied from the test item database and are loaded to the preview when selecting the test item. That way, the parameters can be aligned with the test run conditions and adjusted, if applicable. In favor of a better differentiation of test runs, it is possible to optionally provide test runs with a customer-specific denomination that facilitate filtering by test run information in the follow-up.

The operator can observe the test run live in the Script Monitor or Sequence Monitor, in the Cockpit or in the Trend. Even with fully automated tests, the operator can manually intervene without problems and without having to terminate the test run. During a test run, the export of data is possible as well. In addition, TestWork plots characteristic curves live and thus makes them instantly available. Countless options for the operator in terms of individual test run design result from the high-performance tools.

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