Employee working on a TrueXessory-PCM for reproducible in-plane Measurements of the Proton Conductivity

TrueXessory-PCM Proton Conductivity Measurement

TrueXessory-PCM consists of a TrueData-EIS Impedance Spectroscopy Analyzer as well as a 4-Electrode Sample Holder.
TrueXessory-PCM consists of a TrueData-EIS and a 4-Electrode Sample Holder.

Our TrueXessory-PCM Proton Conductivity Measurement allows highly reproducible in-plane measurements of the proton conductivity under real conditions at temperatures up to 200 °C.

The TrueXessory-PCM consists of a TrueData-EIS impedance spectroscopy analyzer as well as a 4-electrode sample holder designed for membranes with a typical geometry of 1.5 cm x 4.0 cm. Furthermore, the sample holder is equipped with integrated humidification and heating elements, to accurately adjust the humidity and sample temperature. Additional equipment (e.g. mass flow controllers or gas supply) is not necessary.

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