Test systems for battery packs and modules

For testing battery packs and modules, HORIBA FuelCon offers the Evaluator-B test station, providing a performance range up to 1,000 kW.

Like all battery testing systems of the Evaluator-B series, the Evaluator-B suits for testing batteries of different technologies and can be customized for your testing requirements and applications, based on its sophisticated safety concept.

We offer:

- Energy-saving grid feedback technology
- Dynamic and safety through charge / discharge controller
- Test chambers and thermal chambers up to Hazard Level 7
- Integrated impedance spectroscopy
- Powerful test run development with TestWork user interface
- Integration of additional components for product validation
- End-of-Line test items
- Integration and test of BMS- Special safety measures for voltages higher than 60 V

further detailed information please refer to our product description "Evaluator-B" or our technical data sheets that are available at our download area.

just give us a call! We will be happy to discuss your requirements.