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Balance-of-Plant - Components of a Fuel Cell System

The term "balance-of-plant" contains all components of a fuel cell system except the stack itself. This includes pumps, sensors, heat exchanger, gaskets, compressors, recirculation blowers or humidifier.
In order to ensure the appropriate work within the fuel cell system, these components need to be qualified under "fuel cell conditions". HORIBA FuelCon offers also fuel cell testing equipment for these applications.


We offer:

  • Determination of performance curves of compressors
  • Test of recirculation blowers with several anode exhaust mixtures
  • Determination of performance curves of membrane humidifiers
  • Gasket test stations with variation of temperature, pressure and compression force
  • Simulation of ambient temperature and climate
  • Intake air simulation
  • Simulation of various power supplies
  • Fully automated unattended operation
  • Integration of HiL (hardware-in-loop) systems, simulation environments or control units (ECU) via CAN-bus

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