Preparation of a Fuel Cell Test Station by two Service Engineers for a Test Run

Service & Support

You can reach our service specialists at our central phone number +49 39203/514 463 or send an e -mail to fc_service(at)horiba-fuelcon(dot)com.

Service Proceeding

Your service request is received directly by an employee of Customer Engineering. You will receive a Service ID under which the request will be processed. In case of warranty the task is directly processed by the Customer Engineering. If the test station is already out of warranty, you need to buy a service hour package or a repair quote. In this case, please contact the responsible product manager.

After ordering the service, you will receive an order confirmation and your service request will be processed by the Customer Engineering. Upon completion of service you will receive a short report (if requested). If necessary, changes in the documentation are made by our engineering departments to keep all documents up to date.


The regular maintenance of your test stations is an important measure to ensure a smooth operation of test stations and safety of personnel and laboratories. Through professional maintenance, any damage or wear on components of the test station can be identified and corrected at an early stage. Thus, the maintenance serves the control of the test system providing for the consistent quality and reproducibility of your results and increasing the lifespan of the test station.

Our experienced engineers will be happy to take care of the regular maintenance and calibration of your test stations as well as all maintenance follow-up and adjustment measures.

Our services include:

  • Preventive maintenance
  • Calibration and adjustment
  • Maintenance work, maintenance follow-up measures and repairs

Service Resident

A service resident is a HORIBA FuelCon service employee that works as a permanent service engineer at the customer's site offering the best support in the daily work with test stations. The aim is to achieve maximum availability of the installed HORIBA FuelCon test stations.

Since the test items are frequently used by different employees, the particular advantage of a resident engineer is to ease the burden on local staff in necessary educational and training activities, routine inspection activities as well as in a more rapid reaction capability in operating difficulties.