Employee fixing a SOFC Fuel Cell in a Test System
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Fuel Cell Test Equipment for SOFC

Our Evaluator HT fuel cell test stations are proven solutions to be used for SOFC specific requirements: long-term studies, performance tests and material characterization of single cells, components, stacks, hot boxes or complete systems. In addition, we offer sintering stations for stack assembling as well as systems for the quality management of MEA production.

Evaluator HT testing stations ensure an efficient completion of automated test programs and thermal cycles at temperatures up to 1,100 °C.

The fuel cell test systems are equipped with proven furnace designs as well as various modules for reproducible, defined adjustment of single cells or stacks. Various mixing options for the input gases allow the simulation of any fuel gas scenario.

All SOFC test rigs can be equipped with appropriate modules or be retrofitted to test SOFC electrolyzers.

Depending on the SOFC fuel cell testing requirements, we offer different classes of test stations:

Your requirementOur product
SOFC single fuel cell and component testingFuel cell test stations up to 2,000 W fuel cell power and currents up to 1,000 A for SOFC single cells as well as components like MEAs, electrodes, sealings and catalyzer
Fuel cell stack and hot-box system testingFuel cell test stations up to 25 kW fuel cell power for SOFC stacks and  hot-boxes
SOFC Fuel cell system testingFuel cell test stations up to 25 kW fuel cell power for SOFC demonstrators and fuel cell systems for stationary applications
Production lineSintering stations for assemly and quality management for SOFC fuel cells