Two Employees working on a Test Station

Maintenance, Calibration & Adjustment

The regular maintenance of your test stations is an important measure to ensure a smooth operation of test stations and safety of personnel and laboratories. Through professional maintenance, any damage or wear on components of the test station can be identified and corrected at an early stage. Thus, the maintenance serves the control of the test system providing for the consistent quality and reproducibility of your results and increasing the lifespan of the test station.

Our experienced engineers will be happy to take care of the regular maintenance and calibration of your test stations as well as all maintenance follow-up and adjustment measures.


HORIBA FuelCon recommends to perform preventive maintenance of the test stations at least one time per year.

Maintenance measures include:

  • Testing, cleaning and replacement of gas and liquid filters
  • Examination of the filling level control
  • Test of safety functions, alarm output
  • Test the control switch as the main switch and release button
  • Calibration of gas sensors (H2O, CO, other gases on request)
  • Leakage test, pressure test

Calibration and Adjustment

HORIBA FuelCon is equipped with an extensive range of calibration and reference measurement systems. This allows us to offer calibration packages including necessary repairs and retrofitting services. In addition, we strive to constantly expand ourrange of services to ensure an optimum calibration and adjustment of your test stations. Regular, careful calibration and adjustment are used to check the safety functions for the unattended operation of your test station and ensure the comparability of your results on various test stations based on the calibrated parameters.At thesame time they enable an early identification of investment needs for retrofitting works or improvements.

The calibration and adjustment measures of test stations include:

  • Calibration of the gas flows, pressures, temperatures
  • Calibration of the mechanical stress
  • Calibration and adjustment of the current and voltage variables
  • Calibration and adjustment of the electrochemical impedance spectroscopy (EIS)
  • Calibration and adjustment of the gas sensor

Maintenance Follow-up Measures

As part of the follow-up maintenance measures all maintenance work, repairs or installations of spare parts are carried out that are necessary for the smooth and safe operation of the test station.

These include:

  • Control and repair of leak tightness of the test station
  • Replacement of defective or imprecise components
  • Repair of defective components