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Testing of PEM Electrolyzer

The envisaged transformation of our energy system places green hydrogen at the centre of international energy policy. Three different electrolysis processes are mainly used to produce green hydrogen: AEL electrolysis, SOEC electrolysis and PEM electrolysis.

Proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysis is considered one of the most technically sophisticated and flexible processes for hydrogen production. In recent years, an intensive development effort for the large-scale use of PEM electrolyzers has begun. Reliable test and inspection solutions at cell, stack and system level are crucial for the success of this technology and further optimisations.

Working Principle of a PEM Electrolyzer

PEM - Proton-​Exchange-Membran-Elektrolyzer

A solid polymer electrolyte –also known as a proton exchange membrane –is used in the PEM electrolyzer. The PEM electrolyzer splits water into hydrogen and oxygen by means of an electric current. In this process, liquid water is fed into the anode of the electrolyzer and split by a catalyst. Oxygen is produced directly on the anode side. The hydrogen ions diffuse through the proton exchange membrane to the cathode side, where they react with the electrons to form hydrogen. Hydrogen and oxygen are physically separated from each other by the membrane. This prevents oxygen from entering the hydrogen stream.

The produced hydrogen can be used in different ways such as converting it into electricity and heat with a fuel cell. Reversible PEM fuel cells can be operated in fuel cell mode as well as in electrolysis mode due to the high working temperatures.

Advantages of a PEM Electrolyzer

  • Highly dynamic control enables ideal combination with renewable energy sources
  • High power densities and efficiency
  • Technically sophisticated technology with nominal power in the double-digit megawatt range
  • Very high purity of hydrogen (99.9 - 99.9999 %)
  • Long-term stability proven on an industrial scale
  • Suitable for industrial use

How we can support you

HORIBA FuelCon has decades of experience in the field of reliable test and inspection capabilities. With our technology, we are supporting  the energy transition by strengthening test capacities for electrolyzers globally.

Our product range offers Evaluator EC and Evaluator ES series test stations for PEM electrolysers with high operating pressures up to 100 bar. A high-pressure level improves the efficiency of the system and allows further savings in the area of additional compressors for the produced hydrogen.

We enable automated testing in the power range up to 5 MW at highest currents and low voltages at the same time. Our many years of experience additionally give us the possibility to respond to individual test requirements and to adapt our test stands to the needs of our customers. Do you have specific requirements for your PEM electrolyzers? Contact us to speak with our team of experts.

The basis for testing efficient, durable and scalable electrolysers at HORIBA FuelCon are high quality and durable components in combination with reliable safety features.


Our Benefits at a Glance:

  • Robust components, highest control accuracies as well as specially developed control algorithms enable the testing of PEM electrolyzers at a system pressure of up to 100 bar
  • Flexible solutions for all types of applications with electrical power requirements up to 5 MW at highest currents and simultaneously low voltages
  • Efficient and high-precision separation of the gas and liquid phases
  • Electrochemical characterization such as impedance spectroscopy or signal cell voltage monitoring.
  • 4-alarm concept for safe use and protection of operator, test specimen, test stand and also building
  • Fully automated testing, data visualization and post-processing of results using the HORIBA TestWork automation system developed in-house
  • Individual test solutions at the request of our customers

Things to know:

You urgently need test capabilities for hydrogen-related applications? Here we offer you solutions in a short time!

For more detailed information, we recommend referring to our product brochure. If you prefer, you can also contact us by phone to discuss your requirements.