Employee working on a Fuel Cell Test System for PEM Material and Single Cells
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Fuel Cell Testing of PEM Material and Cells

Evaluator C50-LT is ideal to characterize components such as gas-diffusion layers (GDL), bipolar plates, membranes, electrodes or catalysts. The test system also provides fuel cell testing of complete PEM single cells up to 500 W power and operation temperatures up to 130 °C.

The Evaluator C1000-LT is designed for the fuel cell test requirements of PEM single cells with large active cell areas or short stacks with fuel cell power up to 2,000 W and currents up to 1,000 A.


We offer:

  • Power range between 1 W up to 2,000 W
  • Temperature range up to 130 °C
  • Fully automated, unattended operation
  • Simulation of any fuel gas scenario
  • Dynamic temperature and pressure management
  • Direct injection humidifier technology for dynamic test station operation up to 250 °C gas temperature (option)
  • Several configurations for methanol operations
  • Electronic load with auto-ranging (2.5 V / 35 V) function and zero-voltage operation (option for C50 and C1000)
  • PLC controlled with multi-level alarm management
  • Integrated impedance spectroscopy (option)
  • Cyclic voltammetry (option)
Fuel cell test itemPEM material, single cellsPEMmaterial, single cells, short stacksPEM single cells, short stacks
Powerup to 100 Wup to 500 Wup to 2,000 W / 1,000 A
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Things to know:

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