Two Employees standing in front of a Test Station

Service Resident of HORIBA FuelCon

A service resident is a HORIBA FuelCon service employee that works as a permanent service engineer at the customer's site offering the best support in the daily work with test stations. The aim is to achieve maximum availability of the installed HORIBA FuelCon test stations.

Since the test items are frequently used by different employees, the particular advantage of a resident engineer is to ease the burden on local staff in necessary educational and training activities, routine inspection activities as well as in a more rapid reaction capability in operating difficulties.

Benefits of a Service Resident:

  • Introduction of and training for test station operation
  • Support and supervision for planning and performing test runs
  • Supervision and execution of electrical and mechanical connection works
  • Software handling
  • Creation and care of user directories and access rights
  • Programming of test sequences and scripts for the test stations
  • Data export to device server
  • Advice for maintenance and optimization of the test station overall performance
  • Support of permanent staff for testing fuel cells or batteries
  • Test station adaption for performing all necessary tests

You can reach our service specialists at our central phone number +49 39203/964 463 orsend an e -mail to service.hfc(at)horiba(dot)com.