Example of an Evaluator End-of-Line Test System for PEM Fuel Cells and Stacks
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PEM-End-of-Line - Quality Assurance within the Production Process

Quality Assurance in the Production Process by an Evaluator End-of-Line
Example of an Evaluator End-of-Line to ensure Quality in the Production Process

The serial production of fuel cells or entire fuel cell stacks is a highly complex process in the course of which many work stages engage with each other. In order to guarantee the desired product quality at the end of the production process, HORIBA FuelCon offers the Evaluator End-of-Line (EOL) - a test system being able to test fuel cells and stacks in a range of up to 250+ kW. Evaluator EOL enables automated and quickly clocked quality checks for cells, MEAs and stacks.

The design is always customized. Due to our cost-effective design, solutions can be found for any requirement—from basic test stations with manual connection or operation to automated systems enabling to automatically connect the test item by means of a conveyor belt. Important steps like filling and draining cooling liquid as well as executing leakage tests can be carried out automatedly in order to optimize testing time.

Moreover, the implementation of a trolley system ensures that test items can be transported and handled easily without having to use additional equipment. Automated connection systems and quick connectors can be embedded as well.

During the test process, fuel cells and stacks run through firmly defined tests. The test results are evaluated automatically and are displayed as “Passed” or “Failed” on a touch screen operator panel. Due to our open interface concept, the results are then transferred into the test station database and, if desired, into the customer’s database.

As an additional feature, the EOL test station can also be provided with additional features such as impedance analysis, barcode scanner or DMC scanner.

In order to protect the test item and the operator, the Evaluator End-of-Line by default owns a fail-safe PLC and a 3-level alarm concept fulfilling highest safety requirements. Doing so, maximum power is guaranteed under safe conditions without affecting the test and production process.

For further detailed information, please feel free to read our product data sheet Evaluator EOL.

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