Sintering Stations for SOFC Fuel Cells

Sintering Stations for SOFC Fuel Cells

The sintering process, in which several ceramic MEAs are interconnected and fixed in place to form the SOFC stack, is a critical manufacturing procedure. This production phase not only requires an accurate control and management of the anode and cathode gas flow, but also a precise control of the anode gas composition, temperature and electrical and mechanical pressure. The sintering station manages this manufacturing process.

HORIBA FuelCon SOFC sintering stations achieve a highly reproducible process operation in the production of SOFC stacks up to 25 kW fuel cell power. The sinter force inside the furnace can be precisely defined up to 40 kN.

A further key characteristic of the sintering stations are the integrated electrochemical analytic tools that enable a significant reduction in the assembly process. In addition, these tools allow evaluating the quality and performance parameters of the stacks. In order to assure high production throughput and optimal stack performance, the parameters during this procedure therefore must be precisely defined and controlled and above all it must be reproducible.

For enhancing the production throughput and manufacturing capacity, HORIBA FuelCon offers additional options allowing the simultaneous sintering of up to four stacks and/or the controlled cooling of the sinter furnace. The protection of the customer’s know-how is given by editable process scripts that keep the sintering process parameters confidential.

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