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FuelCon fulfills highest Standards for TISAX Data and Information Security

FuelCon TISAX Certification
FuelCon TISAX Certification

Since February 1, 2018 FuelCon AG is officially TISAX certified. The company from Magdeburg-Barleben therefore fulfills the special requirements for „Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange“ and is now part of a closed network for manufactures and suppliers from the Automotive industries.

For years, safety issues are an important argument for buying FuelCon products. The fulfillment of highest safety standards for all products is as mandatory as the transparent and comprehensive documentation according to ISO 9001. Furthermore, the data security for collected test data as well as sensitive and confidential customer information are well protected for all times. FuelCon uses a proven safety management that includes i.a. different security zones, user-defined information sharing but also hard- and software solutions for maximum data and information safety.

The prevalent conditions were recently assessed by an independent testing service provider within the scope of a TISAX audit. In result, all defined requirements for „Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange“ are entirely fulfilled. Therefore, FuelCon is with immediate effect authorized to exchange sensitive and confidential information, e.g. prototypes, but also testing results within a closed network. Manufactures, suppliers and service providers are members of this network sharing a mutual standard for information security.

TISAX (Trusted Information Security Assessment Exchange) serves as a company-wide recognition of assessments of information security in the automotive industry based on a common inspection and exchange mechanism under the aegis of ENX Association. Certification basis is the international standard ISO/IEC 27001 supplemented by VDA ISA requirements. TISAX is used by its members as mechanism for the exchange of testing information run by the independent ENX Association.