Employee pushing a Transport Vehicles with PEM Fuel Cells along Test Systems in Production Area
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PEM Fuel Cell Testing Equipment

Our Evaluator LT test stations are ideal designed for the specific testing requirements of low temperature fuel cells. They provide a wide range of individual testing options.

With these testing systems, PEM fuel cells and their components can be evaluated within a temperature range from -40 °C up to 250 °C and a power range between 1 W and 250 kW.

Several dynamic humidification options and system pressure levels allow running any test program and load cycle that are characteristic for portable, stationary and mobile fuel cell applications.

Depending on the testing requirements, we offer different classes of fuel cell test equipment:

Your requirementOur product
PEM single fuel cell and component testingTest stations up to 2,000 W fuel cell power and currents up to 1,000 A for PEM or components like GDLs, MEAs, electrodes, sealings, bipolar plates and catalyzer
Fuel cell stack testingTest stations up to 250+ kW fuel cell power for PEM for mobile or stationary applications
PEM Fuel cell system testingTest stations up to 250+ kW fuel cell power for complete PEM fuel cell systems for mobile or stationary applications
Balance-of-PlantTest stations for testing components of a fuel cell system
Fuel cell production lineIndustrial facilities for production, final acceptance and in-process quality management