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FuelCon delievers next S100 test station

Articulated Train for Transportation
Truck-mounted Crane for Loading Process
Loading of Test Station in separate Segments
Loading of a large Segment
Loading of a small Segment

Bustel and huge technical equipment were present last Friday at FuelCon headquarters. After a 10 month construction and test period the next S100 test station left the assembly hall in Magdeburg-Barleben.

With a total length of 7.5 m, a high of 2.5 m and a nearly 10 tons of total weight the S100 product line is the biggest currently build by FuelCon. Besides the sophisticated built-in engineering components also the shipment is a real challenge. In addition to the maneuvering through the assembly hall especially the loading process is always an exciting affair. Dimensions and weight require full concentration and absolute precision and moreover appropriate technology is also required. So these times a truck for transport and a mobile crane for the loading process were necessary to cope with weight and dimensions.

Of course the test station was loaded in single segments in order to protect the equipment and to make to loading process easier. After 7 hours of work finally the last part was loaded and secured correctly, so that the test station could be then sent on its way to its final destination. On Monday the test station was expected by FuelCon employees on site to reassemble it.