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FuelCon dispatches four System Test Stations for a major Project

Loading of a Test System on a Truck
Truck with already loaded Test Systems
Ready-to-ship Test Systems in a Row
Forklift loads Test System onto Truck

On January 26, 2018, four test stations of the highest performance class left FuelCon’s assembly hall in Magdeburg-Barleben towards their new destination.

Seven trucks were necessary for the dispatch of the high-performance test stations from our production lines Evaluator S200-LT and SX200-LT, as well as three accompanying climate chambers together with an additional tilt unit. The bundled up loading and dispatch of such big and sensible pieces of technology is a demanding task as the test stations need to be disassembled into several segments and packaged elaborately, in order to stay manageable throughout the whole dispatch process and while placing it on site.

Nonetheless, after two days of work, the last piece found its place well protected in the hold of a truck and has arrived at its destination by now. The test stations stay in Germany. They are currently mounted and put into service. The four system test stations are going to be used for the advancement of drive systems.

The successful completion of this major project proves once again FuelCon’s ability to realize customer-specific test equipment with a great deal of know-how and engagement.