Detailed View of a Measuring Box for Capturing customer-specific Measuring Points

Measuring Box for Capturing Customer-Specific Measuring Points

Mobile Measuring Box
Mobile Measuring Box

Customer-specific test stations made by HORIBA FuelCon are conceptualized in a way, that they support the requirements of test procedures ideally and thus make daily work significantly easier. Additional temperature measuring points or further digital resp. analogue in- and outlets for current and voltage measuring points are usually necessary for highly complex procedures. Hence, according to respective customer requirements, any desired measuring points can be implemented in the test station.

The execution varies in dependence on the customer’s needs and is for example realizable through simple terminal ports within the test station. In addition, HORIBA FuelCon offers special solutions such as a mobile measuring box. Due to the compact design and the rolls, the box is usable variably and thus can be utilized dependent on the customer requirement.

The type of the measuring points, as well as the number, is created as needed by the customer. In that way, an optimal support for specific test standards is being ensured.

All the measuring points can be controlled, regulated and read separately through the Software. Moreover, the customer-specific measuring points are further taken into consideration when it comes to the test station’s safety concept. Individual alarm limits can thereby be set and monitored.

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