Apposition of TrueXessory-HT Modules for SOFC MEAs

TrueXessory-HT Cell Housing for SOFC/SOEC MEAs

Seal-less TrueXessory-HT Cell Housing for SOFC MEAs
Seal-less TrueXessory-HT Cell Housing for SOFC MEAs

TrueXessory-HT modules allow the time-saving and reproducible adjustment and assembly of fuel cell test items in our Evaluator test stations. HORIBA FuelCon offers solutions for the defined adjustment of single cell as well as stacks.

The seal-less TrueXessory-HT cell housing is made of precise, surface-ground ceramic components and allows the reproducible fuel cell testing of SOFC and SOEC MEAs with 4 x 4 cm² active cell areas. The special design avoids any contamination by metal atoms and furthermore substantially reduces the retrofitting time and effort.

TrueXessory-HT is optimized for the following applications:

  • Cell housing for SOFC/SOEC MEA and component evaluation
  • Available for standard cells with 4x4 cm2  active area
  • Unique sealing concept allows non-destructive cell testing
  • Fully ceramic housing avoids contamination during extended test runs
  • Performs automated testing under unattended operation
  • Allows impedance analysis

For further detailed information please read our technical data sheet, that are available at our download area. Or just give us a call! We will be happy to discuss your requirements.