Detailed View of a Customer Interface Measuring Gallows

Measuring Gallow as customized Interface

Evaluator S100-LT
Evaluator S100-LT

HORIBA FuelCon’s products do not only convince with their excellent quality, but especially with customer-specific execution possibilities. Therefore, every test station is unique and perfectly adapted for the customer’s needs and simplifies the daily work considerably.

For complex test stations, HORIBA FuelCon offers innovative solutions, which support particularly the integration of periphery devices, external analyzing systems and also the rapid data handling into existing systems. The combination of a highly dynamic test stand with many measuring points can quickly become a major challenge. For being able to variable connect a multitude of measuring points conforming to a customized interface, HORIBA FuelCon provides the opportunity of a measuring gallow, which can be used arbitrary on different test stands.

In dependency on the number and type of the ports, the measuring gallow can be realized in different versions. Possible ports are CAN, FlexRay, LAN, EtherCAT, as well as analogue and digital in- and outlets. The control of CVM-Signals is thereby also possible, as is the implementation of additional sensors.

For maximal variability of the measuring gallow, it is equipped with three joints. They enable an adaption in all directions. The actual measuring box can furthermore be covered on its front and back side, which allows a vast number of ports while keeping the design compact. Additionally, the measuring box is equipped with a safety light. It indicates the proper operation of the test station and also possible alarms directly to the user.

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