TrueData-CYV Controller to allow cyclic Voltammetry Experiments

TrueData-CYV Cyclic Voltametry

TrueData-CYV is an extension to the electronic load TrueData-LOAD or the impedance analyser to allow cyclic voltammetry experiments.

Cyclic voltammetry has been a standard research method in electrochemistry for many years to investigate reversible electrode processes. In fuel cells it is mainly used to determine the electrochemical active surface areas of the catalyst.

Cyclic voltammetry is based on linear voltage sweep between two fixed values. In a cyclic voltammetry experiment, a potential difference is applied to a working electrode. Thereby, the current flowing through the working electrode is plotted compared to the applied potential difference in order to give a cyclic voltammogram.

For the majority of electrochemical experiments a three-electrode configuration is used. This method uses a working electrode, a counter electrode and a reference electrode that does not change easily during the measurement. For the testing of fuel cells a two-electrode method is usually used because most of these devices do not feature an integrated reference electrode. Therefore the counter electrode is purged with hydrogen and serves simultaneously as the reference electrode.

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