Testing of SOFC/SOEC electrolyser

For the fully automated testing of SOFC electrolyzers we offer retrofittable extension options for our standard SOFC test rigs Evaluator-HT.

The Centerpiece is HORIBA FuelCon's proprietary pulsation free evaporator assembly. Due to the extremely uniform evaporation of the water pressure, fluctuations and associated fluctuations in the cell voltages are avoided. The steam production can be carried out with or without the use of carrier gas.

Evaporator assemblies are available in different sizes according to customer requirements. The desired amount of steam and temperature is precisely adjustable.

We offer:

  • Power ranges between 1 W and 25 kW (cells or stacks)
  • Power supply up to 1,000 A / 1,000 V
  • Pressure management
    • Up to 30 bar
    • Independent settings for anode and cathode
    • Various control modes  (pre-, back- and differential)
  • Thermal management
    • Up to 950 °C
    • Independent loops for gases and water
    • Top hat or clamshell furnaces
  • Precise pressure independent water feed and metering
  • Exhaust treatment
    • Powerful gas liquid separation
    • Exhaust flow metering
  • PLC controlled with multi-level alarm management
  • PC with TestWork operator interface
  • Integrated impedance spectroscopy (option)

For further detailed information please read our product description “Evaluator-HT” that is available at our download area.

Or just give us a call! We will be happy to discuss your requirements.