Together for the future

For many years, HORIBA FuelCon is very involved in funding young talents. Together with the local university, Otto-von-Guericke-Universität, we offer the opportunity for excursions, in order to obtain valuable insights into the working environment of a globally operating manufacturer of test stations. Thus, we point out possible areas of employment for graduates of highly diverse subjects.

Since the winter semester 2017/18, HORIBA FuelCon further cooperates with the UMD Racing e.V., which is the only team from Saxony-Anhalt taking an active part in the international  formula student construction competition in the category “combustor”. The aim of this competition is for the teams to construct and manufacture a single-seated race car, in order to compete against teams from all over the world. At the formula student, the fastest car does not necessarily win, but the team with the best overall package, including construction, performance at the race, financial planning and selling arguments.

Many students from highly diverse subjects take an active part in the UMD racing team. They invest a vast amount of time and engagement in the construction and optimization of their race car “Adrastea”, alongside their studies. Beside classical engineers, natural scientists and economists participate at this as well, thus obtaining the possibility for practical application of their course content. HORIBA FuelCon supports the UMD Racing Team with a lot of expertise at this and offers insights and practice-focused workshops which are to help to master the highly complex tasks. Thus, we are mutually working on “team future”.

Further information concerning the UMD Racing Team can be found online on the website or directly at the university of Magdeburg in building 18, room 325.

  • Teamfoto UMD 2017

  • Fahrzeug Adrastea

  • Team Hockenheimring

  • Fahrzeug bei FS Wettbewerb

  • Fahrzeugaufnahme

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  • Fahrzeug bei Fahrwettbewerb