Exterior view HORIBA eHUB - Company building HORIBA FuelCon

Management Change at HORIBA FuelCon

Magdeburg-Barleben, November 23, 2023

The Management Board of the HORIBA Group announces a change in the management of HORIBA FuelCon with effect from 01.11.2023. Ralph Lauxmann and Jürgen Knott have been removed as Managing Directors with immediate effect. HORIBA would like to thank Ralph Lauxmann and Jürgen Knott for their cooperation and commitment.

Dr. Ingo Benecke (Managing Director Reseach & Development) and Kazufumi Uie (Managing Director Sales) have been confirmed in their positions and will manage the operational business at the Magdeburg-Barleben site. Additionally, Dr. George Gillespie (Chairman) and Hiroyuki Urabe (President HORIBA Europe GmbH) are supporting the organization on an advisory level.