End-of-Line Testing

A quality and parameter test of the produced units is necessary after the battery and pack assembly. HORIBA FuelCon offers semi-automatic or fully automatic test systems for these tasks.

These module testers are normally custom designed and realized and have the following basic equipment:

  • Integration into manufacturing automation
  • Worker-oriented user guidance via touch screen operator panel
  • Fully automatic processes via “One-button operation”
  • DMC scan including connection to an assembling database
  • Manual or fully automatic adaptation
  • Pressure and leak tests
  • Test and integration of the BMS
  • Input parameters test including electrical tests of the battery
  • Insulation test and voltage proof
  • Performance tests

absolutely fulfills the need for complex production processes of single cells or complete batteries. The basic design as a test cabin with modular extensions enables the integration as a single “cell” in assembly lines with different quantity requirements.

The spectrum ranges from the manual assembly of the test cabin to semi-automatic solutions with goods carriers to integration into fully automatic feeding processes. In addition to the protection against contact to high voltage parts for the worker, other safety components such as gas sensors, temperature sensors, an emergency-stop integration, and a fire extinguishing system can be integrated into the test cabin.

Due to our many years of experience, our engineering department develops project-specific solutions for the requirements of mass production that meet all the requirements concerning safety and reproducibility. The spectrum ranges from adapter plates for semi-automatic placement to high-voltage adapter for high numbers of cycles to different solutions with contact spring tips.

For further detailed information please read our product description "Evaluator-EOL" or our technical data sheets, that are available at our download area.

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