EOL End-of-Line testing

After the battery and pack assembly, the quality and parameter control of the produced units is necessary. Therefore, HORIBA FuelCon offers semi or fully automated end-of-line battery testing systems.

These test cells are usually designed and realized customized and contain the following basic features:

  •     User-friendly operator interface through touch panel
  •     Fully automated performance with “One-button-operation”
  •     DMC scan including connection to assembling data bases
  •     Manual or fully automated adaptation
  •     Functional testing
  •     Performance testing
  •     Electrical testing including isolation tests
  •     Testing and calibration of BMS
  •     Integration into assembly automation

For further detailed information please read our product description “Evaluator-B” or our technical data sheets, that are available at our download area.

Or just give us a call! We will be happy to discuss your requirements.