Product validation

Within several design processes, for design modifications or within mass production, mechanical tests (vibration), climatic tests (thermal or environmental chambers) or electrical tests (charge /discharge units) are required. With HORIBA FuelCon test stations an overlapping of these different testing procedures can be realized.

During a validation, the specific test operation, furthermore, requires the communication with different Battery Management Systems (BMS), including rest bus simulation. The rest bus simulation is operated completely by the test station.

The focus is to provide systems with high reliability, easy operation for trained staff as well as high operation safety that meets the respective requirements.

HORIBA FuelCon offers a broad range of solutions, tailored to the respectively application conditions:

  • Charge / discharge units with climatic chamber
  • Charge / discharge units with shaker
  • Coupling of climatic chambers and shaker
  • Parameter adjustment with control devices
  • Communication with battery management systems (BMS)
  • Residual bus simulation

For further detailed information please read our product description Evaluator-EOL or our technical data sheets that are available at our download area.

Or just give us a call! We will be happy to discuss your requirements.