Test Systems for Components of e-Powertrains

As a worldwide established supplier for automated test station, HORIBA FuelCon has extensive expertise that can be used for sophisticated applications in the range of e-mobility. Our test equipment offers holistic concepts for driveline technology based on fuel cell systems or batteries. Thereby, it is applied in common electric drive types like HEV, PHEV, EV or FCEV.

The usage of HORIBA FuelCon test equipment enables the comparison, evaluation or optimization of e-powertrain components. Furthermore, HORIBA FuelCon provides product solutions for the functional and electrical emulation of electrical energy storage systems that can be used as battery emulator in motor- or e-motor test stations as well as in 48 V component tests.

Due to our open interface concept, HORIBA FuelCon products can be easily integrated into pre-existing test equipment and act as useful supplement. Moreover, we provide our powerful automation software TestWork that supports your complete test requirements and is also compatible to other systems.

For particularly demanding test scenarios HORIBA FuelCon products can be combined with extensive accessories. Therefore, we provide different test chamber concepts that also cover special requirements. These include e.g. walk-in or drivable test cabinets, safety-relevant test chambers up to Hazard level 7 and the integration of thermal or climatic chambers.

Of course, we will adjust our product solutions for your optimal requirements and cover the following specific applications:

- Research and development
- Product optimization
- Product validation
- Incoming goods inspection
- End-of-Line testing
- Quality assurance
- Turnkey test fields