Fuel cell testing and assembling systems

With the product series Evaluator-LT and Evaluator-HT we offer fuel cell test stations for all typical technologies like PEM, DMFC, SOFC or MCFC in a power range between a few watts up to 150 kW fuel cell performance.

Our product line includes testing and diagnostic equipment for fuel cell components and single cells as well as solutions for complete systems. All fuel cell testing stations operate fully automated and with long-time approved hardware and software platforms, based on a combination of PC and subordinate system control (programmable and safe logic controller).

Evaluator-LT und Evaluator-HT test systems enable the comparison, evaluation and optimization of PEM oder SOFC fuel cells and systems as well as the simulation of various requirements for portable, stationary and mobile applications. In addition, test runs for accelerated stressing and aging of test items can be executed to achieve reliable results regarding degradation, system performance and long-term stability.

In a modified way, our Evaluator system can be furthermore beneficially applied to different manufacturing and assembling processes.

Due to extensive project experience at HORIBA FuelCon, we are able to offer ideal fuel cell testing equipment for complete system components (BOP - balance-of-plant) such as blowers, pumps, reformer, heat exchanger and the like.