Tilt Unit for Modeling Realistic Environmental Influences

For extensive testing of fuel cell stacks and systems, as well as battery modules, there are many possibilities to adapt environmental influences realistically. Besides the integration of thermal and climatic chambers, HORIBA FuelCon offers the opportunity to depict the influences of driving cycles through a tilt unit. Thereby systems can be tested realistically and offer new ways to gain knowledge.

Our tilt unit is able to simulate various driving situations, even under dynamic circumstances. The innovative construction allows a simultaneous pivoting in two axial directions, in each case up to ±30°. The pivoting itself happens electro-mechanically and the final position is bounded by a final position switch automatically.

The tilt unit is even usable inside a walk-in climate chamber of a fuel cell test station. Various environmental conditions can be set here in a temperature range from -35°C up to +55°C.

Sensors, which are integrated into the frame of the test chamber, ensure a correct positioning of the test item. A safe test environment for persons, test item and laboratory equipment is constituted by the sophisticated safety concept of the test station. This includes monitoring the gas concentration in the climatic chamber or the automatic door locking.

Due to our open interface concept, the system can as well be integrated into the automation software TestWork to its full extent. Thus, controlling the plant autonomically is possible through a pre-defined driving cycle.

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